Earl Shoaff – biography & quotes

John Earl Shoaff ( March 21, 1916 – September 6, 1965 ) was an American entrepreneur who was widely known as “The Millionaire Maker.” At the height of his career Shoaff was President and Board Chairman of Nutri-Bio Corporation ( headquartered at 291-293 South La Cienega Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California ), a direct sales organization which sold vitamin, mineral, and protein dietary food supplements.

Shoaff was deeply influential in the early life of Jim Rohn ( 1930–2009 ), an American motivational speaker and writer whose work helped launch or further the career of many others in the personal development industry, including Anthony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, and Jack Canfield. Mr. Shoaff also had direct influence on the early lives of Zig Ziglar and Mary Kay Ash. At the age of 25, Shoaff hired and mentored Rohn. Today, we know much of the information about Earl Shoaff because of Jim Rohn’s teachings.

Early Life

Born in Point Grove, Pennsylvania to a family of humble means, Shoaff left school after the ninth grade in order to help make ends meet during the Great Depression. During World War II he was rejected by the military because of a very serious heart condition he had been born with. In order to serve, Shoaff worked as a medical volunteer with the American Field Service overseas. After the war, he was told that this combat duty had caused further heart complications. Faced with a pessimistic prognosis of his mortality, Mr. Shoaff was determined to live life to its fullest, and proceeded to become a millionaire in only four years as the head of Nutri-Bio Corporation.

Very little is known about the life of Shoaff, but what we do know comes mostly secondhand. Of special note, Shoaff was the keynote speaker at a large gathering of success-minded people held in 1962 at the Essex House Hotel ( renamed the Jumeirah Essex House Hotel in 2006 ) in Manhattan, New York City. His talk, titled “How To Become a Millionaire,” originally made available to the public on a 33 RPM vinyl record, has since become legendary in the self-help, prosperity consciousness, MLM, and network marketing communities. As copies of this record are now very rare, Shoaff’s talk has recently been re-released in ebook and CD formats under the title How To Become a Millionaire!

Earl Shoaff centered a lot of his lessons around farm life. Stories including sowing, reaping, weeds, and tending gardens were cornerstones of his teachings. [1]

Some of his quotes include: “Everything comes through us from us. Everything in this world that happens to us comes from here, not out here.”

“If you plant a watermelon seed, you’re not going to get grapefruit.”

John Earl Shoaff Quotes

To have more, you’ve got to become more.

Success is something you attract by the person you become. —John Earl Shoaff

The following are a number of Earl Shoaff’s quotes from How to Become a Millionaire – the famous “lost” recording of John Earl Shoaff during his speech from the 1960’s. He gave it at a conference in a New York hotel to, I believe, fellow MLM (multi level marketing) comrades. It’s a really neat audio cd, and it has the unique characteristic of being both highly nostalgic and incredibly practical for today.

Shoaff talks a lot about the law of sowing and reaping. Today, this same law has been modernized and packaged as “the law of attraction.” I think part of this is marketing because a lot of people market it as ONLY imagining, and not actually getting down to the whole sowing part. It’s certainly true that you must work on your mind, but we must always remember to act.

Having said that, here are some quotes from Earl Shoaff at his 1960’s convention:

We have laws to success. We have laws of poverty. We have laws of lack, laws of prosperity. We have laws of hate. We have laws of love. We have laws of peace. All of these are basic laws. If we use them rightfully, wonderful things will happen to us. If we use them wrong, then we get ourselves in trouble.

We want to be like farmers. We are going to plant seeds, and these seeds that we plant are the seeds that we’re going to reap.

If you plant a watermelon seed, you’re not going to get grapefruit.

Everything comes through us from us. Everything in this world that happens to us comes from here, not out here.

Too many people stop their dreams because they start thinking about that thing that is not necessary in order to have it.

When we plant in the subconscious mind, and it’s there, the dream is there.

Don’t just have one seed planted, folks — plant many seeds — any great desire you have in your life — a tangible object or intangible object.

And the final two Earl Shoaff quotes…

Expect wonderful things. Be a creator of ideas. Let’s not be moons, the reflector of ideas. Let’s be suns, let’s be the creator of the light; let’s be the creator of the ideas, because we all have a capacity — that guardian of the gate, as the conscious mind.

If you don’t want to think about oranges, change the thought and think about bananas, if you want. If you don’t want to think about lack, change the thought and think about prosperity. If you don’t want to think about hate, think about love. If you don’t want to think of anything negative, put a positive idea in your head.

You can see from these quotes that Earl Shoaff talks a lot about sowing and reaping. It’s interesting because this is well before personal development and the self help industry became so widely popular like it is today. Back then you didn’t have “The Secret” in addition to a new self help book coming out every week. Yet, even back in the 50’s and 60’s John Earl Shoaff was teaching the young Jim Rohn what we now call the Law of Attraction. I also found out that Mr. Shoaff mentored the founder of Mary Kay cosmetics, Mary Kay, before she became a multi-millionaire. In short, there are no new truths and the law of attraction is simply sowing and reaping!



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